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Simon, aka "Bladezz"

, known as "Bladezz" in the game, is a perverted jokester who often causes trouble for the guild.


Bladezz is a tall, skinny boy who has long, wavy, brunette hair. He normally wears t-shirts with earthy colors and jeans. His look is purely comfortable and casual. His hair has been called "fluffy/feathered" by customers at Cheesybeards, but he claims that they're called "layers."

In the game, Bladezz wears a grey body suit, consisting of a grey shirt, grey shorts, grey tights, grey shoes, and grey gloves. He also wears a grey headband. His weapons are two daggers.

Since Bladezz had a past in modeling, he thinks he is very handsome, and the prettiest one in the guild. Because of this, he thinks that all girls love him for his looks.


Bladezz is very perverted, and often makes perverted jokes while raiding with the guild. His jokes are often paired up with Tink's zingers, since the two joke together a lot.

Since Bladezz is so perverted, he often flirts with the girls of the guild, but when he got no where with Codex, and Clara was too old, he moved on to Tink, in hopes that if he earned her heart, he would be able to have sex with her and lose his virginity.

Bladezz likes to think of himself as older than he actually is. He claims that he's been to plenty of keggers before, and that he's skilled in sex, when he's really still a virgin. This normally gets him laughed at by Clara or Tink because they know he has no experience.

Bladezz often causes drama in the guild. Such as when he posted an erotica video of all of the guild members, and when he donated the guild gold to a bunch of noobs. However, when the guild stood up to him and informed him that he is the weakest of the guild, and that they have the control, he stepped down.

Since Bladezz is the weakest member of the guild, he likes to make himself feel power. This is why he goes out with Tink and kills noobs together with her.

Although Bladezz tries to act strong, he tends to overreact about everything and claim that his life is over before going into depression. However, when he's not overreacting about something, he's always the perverted jokester of the guild.


Bladezz was known as the trouble-child in the first part of the first season, when he constantly left the guild while they were raiding to go attack noobs, or when he just didn't do what the guild said in general. To deal with this, Vork wanted to call a meeting to discuss him, but the location was changed to Cheesybeards with Zaboo appeared on
Bladezz full

Bladezz as he appears in the opening

Codex's doorstep and Codex needed to get rid of him. So everyone met at Cheesybeards, and just before Vork started to discuss Bladezz and his lack of attendence and poor attitude, Bladezz showed up, saying that Clara had posted that the event would be called "Meet at Cheesybeards to discuss Bladezz." Everyone looked at Clara and she apologized. Bladezz then told everyone that since they went behind his back, he thought it would be a good time to tell everyone that Vork had transferred the entire guild bank to him, so he has control over everything that the guild owns. Bladezz then tried to make a dramatic exit, only to have his little sister, Dena, come and tell him, "Your two minutes are up, Dad says get your ass in the car!" After whining that she ruined his exit, Bladezz left with his little sister, leaving the guild in a predicament. The guild asked Vork why he transferred the guild bank to Bladezz, to which Vork explained that he wanted to strengthen the guild as a whole, so he gave the most responsibility to the weakest character. However, this backfired, and now the guild has to find a way to get the guild bank back.

While trying to find out how to get the guild bank back, the guild discovers that Bladezz had created an erotica video of the guild members being naked and doing it. Knowing that they could be permabanned from the game, Codex tries to come up with a solution, and she uses Zaboo to do it. A few days later, the guild calls Bladezz to Cheesybeards to talk about the video. When Bladezz says that he won't take it down, Codex revealed that she used Zaboo's cyber-stalking skills to dig up some dirt on Bladezz. She revealed to him the many embarrassing modeling pictures that he did in order to pay for college. She threatened to post them all across his school campus if he didn't take down the video and give the guild bank back to Vork. Bladezz finally gave in and removed the video and gave the bank back to the guild. He was then welcomed back into the guild and he behaved himself.

When Zaboo's mom appearance and the Guild new they had to stand up for Zaboo, they tried to fight her, but when they started to lose, Bladezz showed up and blocked her attacks from getting to the Guild. This was the first time that Bladezz has stood up for the guild and embraced them as his family.

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Bladezz in the "Do You Want To Date My Avatar?" music video

In season 2, Bladezz ended up falling in love with Tink after all of their time together making sexual jokes and killing noobs. In order to get "naked time" with her, and to earn her love, he continued to do things for her, such as homework and doing quests for her, and giving her expensive gifts like hockey tickets, flight vouchers, designer purses, and a brand new scooter. Every time he did something for her, he was rewarded with "Thanks!" or some other sweet term from Tink. He believed that when he gave her enough things, then she would have sex with him, but instead, when he told her that he couldn't buy her any more things because he maxed out all of his credit cards, Tink told him to never message her again, and that they were through. She then explained to him that it was all a lesson, and that there were two types of girls out in the world, one would give him everything, and the other would take everything he had, and she was the type that would take everything.

Out of anger, Bladezz got on Tink's laptop and deleted her game character. When Tink discovered this, she freaked out, then started crying, stating that two years of her life were gone.

Out of rage for Bladezz, Tink quit the guild and joined the Axis of Anarchy, the Knights of Good's rival guild. Once Tink was gone, the Axis of Anarchy planned to break apart the entire guild. They attacked Bladezz by putting illegal items in his locker at school, and they called the cops, possibly making it so that he could go to juvie. Bladezz seemed to be chill about this, until he came
Bladezz scholar

One of Bladezz's "model" pictures

home a few days later and saw a cop in his driveway. The cop walked up to him and said, "Greetings from the Axis of Anarchy....I just banged your mom..." before walking away. Because his parents just went through a divorce, Bladezz was especially hurt by this, and he went into depression. The only company he had was his little sister, Dena, who bothered him most of the time by practicing her guitar near his gaming computer. Finally, to get rid of her, he had a trade with Codex: Bladezz taught Clara's husband out to game, and Codex taught Dena how to play the guitar.

It was Dena who came up with the idea to cause a crack in the Axis of Anarchy. She told Codex to attack the weakest link. Since the Axis of Anarchy attacked Bladezz, which was their weakest link, they just had to attack Valkyria, the Axis of Anarchy's weakest link. It was a good attack, and they managed to bring down a big part of the rival guild.

When the final showdown between the Axis of Anarchy and the Knights of Good began. Tink and Bladezz started to fight. Tink kept trying to insult Bladezz, but he never showed a reaction. He had finally realized that he couldn't be mad at Tink, so he didn't yell at her when she killed him in the game. Tink became angry at this and kept trying to get a rile out of Bladezz, but to no avail. Finally, Codex made the two apologize to each other and become friends again.

In the fourth season, Bladezz had to get a job at Cheesybeards to get back all of the money he spent on Tink. He got a job as a fry cook and tries to manage to cook and game at the same time. When Codex tells Bladezz that her computer exploded, Bladezz stole some computer parts from the public library and tried to fix her computer, but it did nothing. Codex, having an addiction to gaming, cried to Bladezz about how she needed the game. He then gave in and got her a job at Cheesybeards so that she could get money to buy a new computer. However, when the boss gave Codex a better job than Bladezz's, making Bladezz form a grudge on her. To try to get her fired, Bladezz posted negative comments on her website. Codex made a truce with him, and the two tried to make a video for the restaurant, but their boss hated it. With their jobs on the line, Codex and Bladezz were in a pinch. Thankfully, the guild came to the rescue and threw a game themed party at the restaurant, hosted by the Knights of Good. A lot of gamers showed up, and gave the restaurant good buisness. However, when Bladezz tried to do a magic trick, he accidently set a curtain on fire, and they had to evacuate the whole building. Codex and Bladezz, of course, got fired from their jobs, and someone video taped the whole thing and put it on the internet, making Bladezz even more internet famous. Thankfully, this was a good type of famous, and everyone loved him. He became so famous that a game master invited him and the Knights of Good to a gaming convention as guests.


Tink: Bladezz and Tink were the closest of friends in the guild. They made jokes together and killed noobs together. Bladezz soon fell in love with Tink, and believed that if he bought expensive things for her, then she would give him a lapdance, but when he found out she was just using him, he deleted her character on the game. This put Bladezz and Tink in a rivalry for awhile, but soon became friends after the big fight at the end of season three, although, there are still a few insults between them here and there.

Codex: Bladezz tried to flirt with Codex at the beginning of the series, but ended up falling for Tink instead. Since then, Codex and Bladezz have become close friends, and now co-workers.

Vork: Vork often calls attention to Bladezz's trouble making, and Bladezz goes out of his way to make innapropriate jokes to get on Vork's nerves.

Clara: Bladezz and Clara, like everyone else in the guild, are good friends.

Zaboo: Bladezz and Zaboo often discuss lady troubles and how to get past a girl's defences and win her heart.

Game StatsEdit

Name: Bladezz

Class: Rogue

Alignment: Neutral Neutral

Strength: 16

Agility: 14

Intelligence: 11

Charisma: 9

Stamina: 12

Strong vs: Yeti, Street Fighter IV

Weak vs: Bongloads, Tinkerballa


  • Bladezz is the youngest member in the guild, being the only one in highschool. Age wise, he's just behind Tinkerballa.
  • Bladezz is the weakest member of the guild, behind Codex.
  • Bladezz has a little sister named Dena.
  • Bladezz is a master thief in the game.
  • Bladezz thinks he's a ladies man, and in the "Do You Want To Date My Avatar?" music video, he is surrounded by girls.