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Clara, who goes by her real name "Clara" in the game, is a happy-go-lucky, chiper drunk who never takes anything seriously.


Clara is a woman in her mid thirties to early fourties. She has short, bleach-blonde hair, which she wears in many different hairstyles like up in a ponytail or pigtails. In fact, in the first season, for each episode, Clara had a different hair style. She normally wears tank-tops with a sweater and a skirt or jeans.

Her character in the game has short, blonde hair tied into pigtails, and she wears a light blue dress with an emerald headband, necklace, and armband. She wears light blue cuffs and light blue boots with light blue stockings. Her weapon is a short, wand-like staff.


Clara is always a chipper, happy, and lively character who never takes anything seriously. She could be considered as a drunk and is thought to constantly drink in order to deal with her three kids. She has a very nice attitude and will use cute words to make a situation fun. She's very polite, which has somewhat rubbed off on Tink since she actually used the word "please" to Clara, and told her that it rubbed off on her.

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Clara in the "Do You Want to Date My Avatar" music video

Clara can also appear to be fallible, such as when she wanted to start her own business, and didn't want to do any of the "work" part of it, she only wanted to "talk" business-like. Her incompitence also goes with raising her kids, since she does a very poor job of it. When she first went into a guild meeting, she left her kids in the car, but justified this act by stating that she cracked the windows. She then got Tink to text her boyfriend to check on the kids in the restaurant parking lot. Clara also hires a nanny to take care of her children, but when the nanny quit, Clara insisted that she didn't hear her, and her kids went without eating for a few days because Clara thought the nanny was still feeding them. The kids survived on eating crayons and ham. Clara is so protective of her computer, that she keeps her kids behind a baby gate so they can't come in to her computer room. Once, her husband removed the gate, and an entire slow motion sequence broke out of Clara trying to get the kids away from the computer.

The only time Clara has become mad is when her husband tried to ban her from playing the game, and she screamed at him for being so controlling, and screamed that she loved the game and wouldn't give it up.

Clara's drunk attitude can lead her to be more open that she should be, such as when she and Tink became Codex's wing women to help her get with Wade. They approached him, then started asking Wade if he would do Codex, causing Codex to become embarrassed and run away.

Clara feels no guilt when it comes to doing something wrong, such as neglecting her children, or cheating on her husband.


At the beginning of the series, Clara hung out with everyone in the guild, and was the cheery member who kept everyone's spirits up. When the guild meeting was called at Cheesy-Beards, and Codex approached the restaurant, Clara ran up and hugged her, introducing herself. Codex asked if she recognized her from her voice, and Clara said that Zaboo had uploaded pictures of Codex sleeping last night, which is how she recognized her.

Clara full

Clara as she appears in the game

When the meeting was underway, Clara introduced herself as Clara. When Vork asked her why she used her real name, she said that her character used to be called Mommynatrix (pun on dominatrix), but her kids found out and told her husband, which got her in trouble, so she had to change it to Clara. Later, she was seen talking with Zaboo and Tink while drinking a martini, which might've revealed that she was drunk at the time.

When Zaboo's mom tried to make Zaboo go back home, Clara did her part in insulting her (but not well because she's so polite) to break down her defence so that the rest of the guild could win against her.

In season two, while the guild was raiding, they were granted an orb, which allowed the user to change their hairstyle and hair color whenever they wanted. Of course, the boys had no interest in this orb, so they left it for the girls to fight over. Vork set up a system so they could bid on it, and whoever bid the highest would get the orb. Codex was going to try to get the orb, but was distracted when Zaboo started tempting her with a faster internet connection as he leaned in to kiss her. Clara tried to bid, but suddenly a dramatic scene broke out when her husband removed the baby gate that kept her kids away from her computer, and her three children rampaged into the room, tearing out all of the cords of her computer. One of her children pulled out the main

Clara celebrating an in-game holiday

power cord, and Clara rushed to try to get everything plugged back in. When she finally plugged the power cable back in, Vork announced that Tink won the bid, and thus, got to keep the orb. Clara let out a blood curlding scream, and her husband quickly escorted the kids out of the room. Clara yelled at Vork for not waiting for her to get back on and whined that she wanted the orb. The rest of the guild tried to calm her down, but instead, she took her revenge into the background. She took a seperate laptop and created a character called "Teets4Tots" and continually stalked Vork with it, killing him at every corner to get back at him for not letting her have the orb. For the rest of the season, Vork tried to figure out who Teets4Tots was, but to no avail. Clara continued to act like she had no idea who Teets4Tots was, throwing her off of suspicion. The truth was revealed at the end of season two when Clara admitted, while next to Vork, that ever since she started trolling as Teets4Tots, she rabid for ass kicking. Vork told her he was shocked and hurt, and Clara said

Clara gaming while her husband watches

that she had a good reason, that he robbed her of the orb. Vork then goes into depression and wonders why he deserved such betrayal from one of his own. This kept Clara and Vork on the rocks for awhile, but they soon mended their friendship.

On a side note for season two, Clara and Tink acted as Codex's "lady support" when she crushed on Wade. To help her, Clara invited dozens of people to Codex's apartment for a party, when it was just supposed to be for Codex, Tink, and Clara. Wade arrived, and Tink and Clara approached him with Codex, asking if she was doable. Codex became flustered and ran into her room to cry. Later, after Wade admitted that he had no interest in Codex after the fight with Zaboo, he and Clara made out, to the horror of Codex. Without their knowledge, someone took a picture of them.

In the next season, when Clara's husband was going through pictures on the camera, he found a picture of Clara kissing Wade. He tried to move out, but Clara stopped him. He then made Clara promise to stop gaming

Clara on webcam

and spend more time with the family. This sent Clara into a depression state since she couldn't game and had to spend all of her time with her kids. She soon became desperate, and started hiding in closets to get online. Finally, she came up with a solution to continue gaming. She made her husband get an account so they could game together, giving him the name "Mr. Wiggly," which was an embarrassing name that Clara called him in bed. After being no help to the Knights of Good, and after accidently spying on them for the Axis of Anarchy, Mr. Wiggly was kicked out of the Knights of Good. In rage, he made Clara quit too, so she was banned from playing the game. Later, when the Axis of Anarchy challenged them to a PvP tournament, Clara snuck out of the house to go. However, she was soon found by her husband, who yelled at her for her obsession, and told her that they had three kids, then yelled that he felt like he was raising four (meaning Clara), that's when Clara yelled out, "Maybe, it's because I'm pregnant!" Mr. Wiggly stared at her in shock and yelled, "WHAT!?" Clara and Mr. Wiggly then both knew that they were expecting another child.

Clara with her kids

Later, while the guild was trying to save up for a guild hall, Tink and Clara teamed up together and used feminine charm over other players to make them pay more for cheap items that they had created through magic. So far, they had the lead in earning the most money for the guild, which meant that they would be the ones that would decide how it looked. They chose a design much like candy land, where everything is pink and filled with candy. Of course, Vork was against the idea. While Clara and Tink were talking, they came up with an idea to make money in real life. Tink went over to Clara's house to brainstorm with her husband, and they ended up coming up with the idea to make a buisness for female gamers, named "Pregamers." They even came up with a logo, an 8-bit baby with a machine gun. They planned to order about one hundred t-shirts for their buisness, but Clara messed up and ordered seven thousand. In an effort to get rid of all of the shirts, they gave them away in goodie bags, and all other forms they could think of. This is when Tink decided that Clara is not a good buisness partner.


Codex: Codex is Clara's best friend. According to Clara, Codex is her "best friend in the whole world." She, along with Tink, are Codex's girl support for boy troubles. Codex often lectures Clara on how she needs to take care of her kids.

Bladezz: Clara thinks of Bladezz as "the retarded cousin of the guild," and that the guild should just let him play tag even though he goes around hitting people. She also says, "You let the retarded cousin ride the short bus, you don't let him drive it." Clara is also the only girl Bladezz will not flirt with because she is old enough to be his mom.

Vork: Vork is often angry at Bladezz for disrupting the guild by wreaking havoc. A few examples would be when Bladezz yelled fag in the trade center, which ended up in him getting a 24 hour ban, and when he posted an erotic video of the guild in the forums, almost getting them all banned.

Zaboo: Clara and Zaboo, like everyone else in the guild, are good friends. Zaboo once mentioned that Clara had nice, pillow-like breasts.

Tink: Tink, along with Codex, are Clara's best friends in the guild since they're all girls, and she often dishes with them about boy drama between all of them.

Game StatsEdit

Name: Clara

Class: Mage

Alignment: Neutral Good

Strength: 12

Agility: 10

Intelligence: 14

Charisma: 17

Stamina: 15

Strong vs: birth control

Weak vs: Child Protective Services, Home Shopping Network


  • Clara is the second oldest member of the guild, behind Vork and in front of Codex.
  • Clara is the most powerful person in the guild.
  • Clara has three children and is expecting a fourth.
  • Clara always has alcohol available in her house.
  • Clara is known for her "assets," and even designed her character to have them.
  • Clara is a stay-at-home mom.