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Cyd Sherman, aka "Codex"

Cyd Sherman, known as "Codex" in the game, is a shy, awkward girl who is addicted to online gaming. She is also the main character of the story.


Codex is a skinny, average-height girl with long, red hair. Because she is so shy, she often wears long-sleeved shirts, or shirts that cover up a lot of skin. She is almost never seen wearing skirts since her main choice is jeans.

Although "Cyd Sherman" likes to dress modestly, her in-game counterpart, Codex, is the complete opposite. She is dazzling, and she loves to wear dresses with short skirts and jewels all over it. Codex's hair in the opening is medium length and is a simple wave-out. However, in the "Do You Want To Date My Avatar?" music video, Codex has long, curly hair.


Codex is very modest and shy. She often doesn't try things because she thinks she will always fail at them. This is why she hasn't had many boyfriends or friends. She is also unable to stand up for herself, such as when Zaboo moved in with her and it took her several days to finally gather up the courage to tell him to move out.

Codex is the voice of reason in the group. She tries to keep everyone in line and doing good, such as scolding Clara for not taking care of her kids, and telling Tinkerballa that it's not right to pretend to like a boy just to get him to do what you want. Codex also, unlike the rest of the guild, tries to think of a way to deal with problems in a calm and organized matter.

The actual Codex, Cyd's alter-ego, is the complete opposite of Cyd. She is flirty and seductive. She is very prideful and often thinks of other people as losers. In the season finale of season 3, Cyd had an hallucination that she was talking to Codex, and Codex explained to her that the reason she was losing the battle on the game was that she was playing too much like Cyd, when she should be playing like Codex. After this, Cyd gained the personality of Codex temporarily and started standing up to everyone in her guild while beating down her opponent. However, after the battle was over, Cyd went back to her normal self and became quirky and awkward again.

Although Codex is quirky and awkward, she still becomes confident in small bursts of epic moments. Such as when she won against Fawkes in the guild war and then slept with him out of confidence, or when she accidently caused Wade to fall down the stairs, to which she said "Dude, I just owned that guy!"


Every episode starts off showing Codex talking to her webcam in her room, explaining the situation from the last episode.

In the first episode, Codex explains that she's still jobless and that her therapist "broke up with her."


Codex (in the game)

Codex, at the beginning of the series, lives in an apartment alone. She has been consulting her therapist for years, trying to get over her gaming addiction, but it ended in failure when her therapist finally gave up on her. Just as things took a turn for the worst, a boy arrives at Codex's door, giving her blue-dyed flowers. Codex asks him who he is and he reminds her that they were fighting in the game last week and he bought her flowers. Codex then realizes that the boy standing in front of her is Zaboo, one of her fellow guildies. Before she has time to react, Zaboo comes into her apartment and starts setting up his computer. Codex then asks him what he's doing at her apartment, and Zaboo explains that he knows she's been feelings down lately, and that he came into the real world to hold her. Codex, confused, asked him what he was talking about, and Zaboo explained to her that they had a "relationship," and that they had been flirting a lot over the game. He then proceeds to bring up a chatlog from a few days before, pointing out that Codex had typed that they had a relationship, followed by a winky-smile ( ;) ) Codex then tells him that it wasn't a winky smile, and that her hand just slipped and didn't hit the colon to make a normal smily face ( :) ) Zaboo doesn't believe her and continues to think that she has feelings for him. He also reveals that he has researched her entire life in order to track her down, such as knowing every floorplan of every house she's ever lived in, all of her past phone numbers, and even who she had a crush on in middle school.

In order to solve this problem, Codex calls everyone from the guild together in real life at "Cheesy-Beards," in hopes that they can talk Zaboo into moving out of Codex's apartment. However, when they're finally all together, no one can consentrate on the Zaboo issue, and they all start talking about a dagger that Tinkerballa found in the game. Later, Bladezz, the final member of the guild, shows up and announces that Vork, the leader of the guild, transferred all of the guild gold to him a few days ago, and since he knew that the guild has been talking bad about him, he decided to get them back by handing out random donations of gold to newbies. This, of course, makes the whole guild mad at Vork for this terrible decision, but still has to come up with a way to get the guild gold back. The next day, the situation gets worse as they find out that Bladezz has created a video of The Knights of Good being naked and doing it. Finally, Codex comes up with an idea. The next day, they call Bladezz to Cheesy-Beards and Codex reveals numerous, embarrassing, girly photos of Bladezz when he took a part time job modeling to help pay for college, curtousy of Zaboo's research skills, and threatens to post the photos everywhere on campus if Bladezz doesn't transfer all of the gold back to the guild bank. Bladezz finally gives in and goes back to the Knights of Good and continues helping the guild.

Codex full

Codex as she appears in the opening

When Codex and Zaboo return home, Codex finally stands up to Zaboo and tells him that she doesn't like him and that she wants him to move out. Zaboo finally gets the picture and goes to go pack his stuff. Just as Codex is about to say goodbye to Zaboo, there's a knock at the door. She goes to see who it is and discovers a woman, asking for her son. Zaboo then goes to the door and says, "Mom?" he then proclaims that he and Codex are in love, to which Codex turns back to the woman, only to get a punch in the face. The next morning, she apologizes for the punch to the head, but says it's only because she's protective of her son. She explains that a few days ago, she went to go give Zaboo his bath, but he was no where to be found, and he didn't answer his cellphone, so she had to track him down by microchip. Codex, disturbed, asked her why she went to go give him a bath, to which she says it's more quality time with her son. Codex then goes to go say goodbye to Zaboo since his mother talked him back into moving in with her, and Zaboo tells her that his mother has been smothering him for years. He explains that she breast-fed him till he was eleven, and that she's been driving him to college every day for the past five years, and the other day he caught her reading "Internet for Dummies," saying that if she finds out how to use the internet, his life will be over because the game is the only place where he can feel free from her. In order to try to get away from her, Zaboo tries to hang himself with an extension cord, only to be saved by Codex. Codex then gains the courage to stand up to Zaboo's mom, and gathers the guild to help. The season ends with the final "boss battle" against Zaboo's mom as the whole guild explained to her that Zaboo didn't want to be smothered and that she should just leave him alone. Finally, Zaboo's mom "broke," before looking up with a smirk and saying, "Don't think of changing your mind, I always wanted a sewing room." before stomping off angerily. After this, Zaboo moves back in with Codex in a new apartment complex. In the beginning of season two, Codex manages to get Zaboo to move out by saying that he's a "starting character" in life, and he needs to level-up if they were ever going to be together. Zaboo takes this as a quest and accepts it. Codex then says that he needs a mentor with a penis, which leads to Zaboo moving in with Vork. Although the conditions at Vork's house are harsh, Codex is happy that Zaboo is out of her hair. She goes home, only to bump into a guy on the way up to her apartment, this causes the man to fall down the stairs violently and hit the ground. Codex froze in shock, but admitted that in a small part of her mind, she said, "Dude, I just owned that guy!" She starts to freak out and asks if he's okay, only to see him jump up from the ground on his own and say, "No worries, Red." He tells her that he's a stuntman and he was practicing for his role as a salty pirate. He introduces himself as Wade Wei, followed by Codex introducing herself as Cyd Sherman. Wade replies, "Oh, yeah, you just moved in with your husband." Codex, confused, said he was just a temporary roomate, but Wade said that Zaboo introduced them as the Shermans, and mentioned a wedding

Codex at her computer (with Zaboo)

registry. Codex, nervous, said it was just a joke and tries to explain the situation, only to be silenced by Wade saying, "You're cute." This causes Codex to freeze awkwardly. Thankfully, she was saved by her phone alarm going off, informing her that a raid in the game was scheduled. She explains that she has an appointment and has to go. Wade smiles and says, "See you around, Red." before jumping off the balcony and landing perfectly before waving at her and walking off. Codex then runs to her room and says that she needs to chat with the girls in a private channel. The girls then go to a private channel where Codex dishes about her new, cute neighbor. Of course, Zaboo thinks that she needs "lady support" from being away from him since he has no idea about the neighbor situation, and he continues to plan a strategy to earn her love. Back in the private channel, Tink tells Codex to go after this guy, but Codex says that she just got rid of Zaboo and she's not looking for another man right now, she also said he's prettier than her. The conversation ends as Clara gets side-tracked by the orb she wants, and the girls go back to the main channel. The next day, Codex talks with Tink about Wade, and she talks her into going after him, saying that getting laid is more important than killing an orc-king. Codex agrees and opens her door before going back to her desk and starting to play her violin, trying to get Wade's attention. Wade comes into her apartment and freaks Codex out when she sees that half of his face looks like it was eaten off. Wade explains that he was just shooting a zombie movie and it's just makeup. He tells her to touch it, but when she finally does, she accidently pukes on him. Codex tries to avoid him for the next few days after this embarrassing act and tries to find comfort in her female guildies. Clara only laughed, but Tink said that all Codex has to do is show come cleavage and it'll be fine. Codex tries this, and

Codex and Wade about to kiss

Wade seems to have completely forgotten about the puking incident and goes back to flirting with her. Just before they get far, Vork appears and asks her if Wade is bothering her, he then says that he needs to talk to her about something serious. When they go back to her apartment, he says that Zaboo is too much to deal with and that he doesn't want to live with him anymore. Along with this, Zaboo claims that he has finished his quest of becoming a man and is coming back to live with her. Codex then enlists the help of her therapist to deal with both problems. In the end, she manages to postpone Zaboo's returning home, and gets Vork to deal with Zaboo for a bit longer. After this, the guild finds out that the server is going down for four hours. In order to get through their time without the game, the boys and the girls of the guild throw their own, seperate parties. The boys decide to hang out at Vork's house and play poker. This was mostly decided by Bladezz, who thought he could win in poker and win back all of the money that he lost from buying Tink expensive gifts. Codex decides to host her own "Guild" party with Tink and Clara, but she's caught off guard when she finds out that Clara handed out hundreds of fliers to people, telling them about a party in Codex's apartment. Soon, her whole apartment is filled with drunken party-goers. Just when things look really bad, they get worse when Codex sees Wade and his supposed "girlfriend" walk in. Codex tries to ignore them for awhile, but soon the girl starts talking to Codex and explains that she's only his roomate and sometimes his fuck-buddy, meaning that he's single. Codex tells Clara and Tink and they work as her wingwomen to help get her with Wade. Clara even posted on her twitter account: "Going to get Codex laid!" to which Zaboo saw. Zaboo starts to freak out, asking how she's going to get laid when he's not even there. Bladezz tells him that she's obviously trying to get with someone else, which leads Zaboo, Vork, and Bladezz to go to Codex's party and stop this. When Zaboo finally finds Codex, it's in her bedroom, and he looks on, mortified, as she kisses Wade. After Zaboo finally gains his composure back, he demands that Wade remove his tongue from his

Codex talking to her webcam

lady and battle him in the living room. However, when Wade accepts the invitation and shows all of his muscels, Zaboo realizes that he's too strong for him and starts to run away. However, Wade is faster than him and starts trying to punch him. By the end of the fight, Zaboo is cowering on the couch, holding a pillow close, trying to block the hits. Codex then speaks up and tells them not to fight because she's really not that much of a prize. Wade looks at her, then agrees with her and ends the fight with Zaboo and walking off. Codex then orders Zaboo into her bedroom to talk to him. Zaboo thinks she wants to sleep with him since he fed her so much lady-viagra, and he starts to undress, but Codex explains to him that she doesn't like him and she doesn't want him to bother her anymore. Zaboo gets the picture and says, "I guess my princess is in another castle..." before walking out of the room. Codex leaves the room to find Clara kissing Wade, and then leaves the apartment to see Zaboo making out with Wade's roomate. Codex feels crushed and embarrassed at the sight and the season ends with her wanting to run away.

The next season starts with Codex announcing that a new expansion for their game is coming out, and that hopefully the guild will be able to overcome all the drama they've been dealing with (Vork finding out that Clara is the one that's been killing his character, and Bladezz deleting Tink's character) and come together to celebrate the new expansion. However, just as they're about to go into the Gamestop, one of the top guilds in the game appears and pulls a nasty trick in order to get into the Gamestop first. This guild is immediatly titled as a rival guild to the Knights of Good, and they have to do anything in their path to overcome them. However, Tink soon quits the guild and goes to join the rival guild, adding more drama. Finally, the Knights of Good challenge the rival guild to a battle-off in order to get them to stop tormenting them. After everyone is eliminated except Codex and Fawkes (the leader of the other guild) Codex starts freaking out and becoming nervous. She then has an hallucination of "Codex" talking to her, telling her that she's playing too much like Cyd, and not enough like Codex. Codex then temporarily gains the personality of the in-game Codex and starts destroying Fawkes, all while standing up to her guild members and all of their drama. In the end, Codex defeats Fawkes and celebrates with her guildies. Fawkes then asks her out for drinks, which ends in Codex laying in bed next to Fawkes the next morning. Codex is shocked at what she's done, but thinks of Fawkes as "exotic" and thinks she's going out with him. However, Fawkes later tells her that he only "samples" women, and he has a strict one-date only policy. In order not to look like a slut, Codex continues to tell her guild that she's dating Fawkes so she won't look like a one night stand.

In the fourth season, strangely, Codex's computer starts acting up and lights on fire. No one can seem to fix it, so in order to pay for a new one, she gets a job at Cheesy-Beards with Bladezz as Bladezz's superior. Bladezz becomes angry that Codexx already has a better job than him since she just started, so he starts to hold a grudge against her.

Codex is assigned to update the website so more customers will come in. However, instead of working, she plays the game to keep up with the guild activity. She does a little work on the side, but most of the time she sneaks past her boss to play the game. Bladezz, who still holds a grudge against Codex, tries to get her fired by leaving nasty comments on the website. Finally, Codex and Bladezz make a truce, and promise to help one another. She and Bladezz try to make a video for Cheesy-Beards, but their boss hates it and yells at them. This makes Bladezz and Codex in a pinch, and are about to loose their jobs. Thankfully, the guild comes to the rescue and throws a party at Cheesy-Beards for the game, hosted by the Knights of Good. Many gamers show up and ask Vork for his wisdom. Even the Axis of Anarchy show up, not as enemies, but as customers. Everything was going great, until Bladezz's magic show where he accidently set a curtain on fire. The whole building had to evacuate, and Bladezz and Codex lost their jobs. Just as all hope seemed lost for Codex, Zaboo arrived with a brand new computer that he bought for her. Codex is ecstatic while Zaboo explains that he did this as a best friend to Codex, because that's what best friend's do. Codex hugs him and logs on with him for the first time on her new computer.

At the end of the fourth season, Codex and Zaboo are seen talking at the wedding, and Codex makes her character hold his character's hand. Zaboo is surprised at first, and Codex realizes that she might have feelings for Zaboo. The two share a sweet moment before the end of the season.


Zaboo: Zaboo is hopelessly in love with Codex, claiming that he fell in love with her before he even saw her face. His entire world revolves around Codex. He has even planned out their wedding online and picked out designer plates that they'll use when they're married. He has cyber stalked everything about her life, including every house she's ever lived in, and even her crush from middle school. Although Codex has tried to push him away with different types of rejections, Zaboo still didn't get that she didn't want to be with him, and thus, started living at Vork's as a "Man's Training Camp," in order to become more manly for Codex. However, when Codex finally rejected harshly, he got that she didn't want to be with him and broken-heartedly left. When Zaboo heard that Codex was dating Fawkes, Zaboo switched his game to the "supporting bff," claiming he was on Team Cawkes (Cocks) and saying that he would support her in any way possible, and claiming that they were now best friends. He even had his friend paint a giant painting of Codex and Fawkes together. When Codex and Fawkes broke up, Zaboo comforted her as a friend, and the two ended up spending more time with each other. When Zaboo bought Codex a new computer, Codex hugged him and later listed out that Zaboo was all of the things that she wanted in a boyfriend, but then made the list longer because she realized what she said. The next day, at the wedding, Codex was talking to Zaboo, and made it so her character was holding his character's hand. Zaboo noticed, and Codex realized for the first time that she had feelings for Zaboo.

Codex has shown feelings for Zaboo before, such as when he had to move out, and the only places he would go were either a homeless shelter or the ghetto, and Codex told him that she wouldn't feel safe with him living at either place. She also showed compassion for him when he was in an abusive dating relationship and she tried to help him.

Vork: Codex and Vork are the only two people in the guild that take things seriously and try to keep things on track. In the beginning of season three, Vork passed on leadership of the guild to Codex since he deemed himself not worthy to run the guild.

Tinkerballa: Tink is often Codex's "lady support." She tries to talk Codex into becoming more confident so she can get a boyfriend. She will gladly take up position as Codex's "wing-woman" so that she can talk up Codex for a hot guy. She even told Wade: "I'd do her" before turning around and whispering at Codex "not really..."

Clara: Clara, along with Tink, tries to help Codex get a boyfriend, but because she's drunk most of the time, she's too painfully honest and often says things that embarrass Codex.

Bladezz: In the beginning, Bladezz tried to flirt with Codex, but when she didn't give in, he moved on to Tink. Since then, Bladezz tries to get Codex's help to win over Tink. Also, when Codex's computer crashed, Bladezz tried to fix it for her, but failed. He then got her a job at Cheesy-Beards to help her raise money for a new computer.

Fawkes: Codex hated Fawkes because he tried to tear apart the guild, but she ended up sleeping with him after her victory over him. However, after learning that Fawkes didn't want to date her again after their one-night-stand, Codex continued to tell her guild that she was dating him so she wouldn't seem like a slut.

Wade: Wade was Codex's main love interest in season two. He often flirted with her and called her cute, while still showing off his kung-fu skills. In the end of the season, he is seen making out with her in her room, only to be challenged by Zaboo. When he beat Zaboo, he agreed with Codex that she really wasn't much of a prize before walking away.

Game Stats

Name: Codex

Class: Cleric

Alignment: Neutral Good

Strength: 8

Agility: 11

Intelligence: 18

Charisma: 14

Stamina: 11

Strong vs: Fire, Mean girls, Chicken pox

Weak vs: Boys, Mean girls, Pudding


  • Codex is a former child prodigy who could play the violin. However, now that she's older, it's not that impressive.
  • Codex and Zaboo almost kissed when she got caught up in him promising her a fast internet connection.
  • Codex is a preist in the game.
  • Codex is the current leader of the guild.
  • Codex is the second weakest character in the guild, behind Tink and in front of Bladezz.
  • When Codex was 12, she had a crush on a He-Man character.
  • Codex said that a few years ago, when she cut her hair really short, a girl asked her out to dinner, and it was only when the girl had her hand way up Codex's leg that she started to suspect that something was up.
  • Codex's dad and all her past boyfriends are gay.