Tinkerballa, aka "Tink"

April Lou, known in-game as Tinkerballa, or "Tink" for short, is a spoiled, smart mouthed girl who is addicted to gaming and texting.


Tink is a short, skinny, asian girl with very tan skin and long, wavy, black hair. She often dresses in brightly colored clothes that show a lot of skin, such as tank-tops and shorts. Tink is almost always seen carrying around a PSP/Nintendo DS so she can be playing non-stop. The games she plays when she's not playing The Game was only mentioned once when they were in Cheesy-Beards and she suddenly said, "Yes! I totally just beat Mario!"

In the game, Tinkerballa has a black bob for her hairstyle, and she wears a purple outfit, consisting of a short, purple top, purple shorts, knee-high purple boots, and purple wrist bands. Her weapon is also a large, purple bow and arrow. Tink is classified as an elf-type creature in the game because she has pointy ears.

Strangely, in the opening, it shows Tink having a bob in the game as her hairstyle, but in the "Do You Want to Date My Avatar?" music video, she had long, curly hair.


Tink is a very rude and obnoxious girl who feels no guilt when blowing someone off or using someone for her own personal gain. She thinks of men as tools, and you need the right tool for the job. She explained that they don't even need names; "Bob", "Ryan", and "Joe" might as well be called "Oil Change", "Moving Van", and "Pharmacist". She is also able to dump boys without any thought to it. In season 2, she told the guild that she dumped her boyfriend because he was smothering her since he called her two times in one week. She also had another date with another guy, but blew it off so that she and Clara could be Codex's wing women.

Tink's idea of fun is running around with Bladezz and killing newbies. Because of this, the two have a close friendship in the game.

Tink is very lazy when it comes to doing labor. This was revealed when Tink won an orb in the game, but to activate it, she had to farm a certain amount of food. Bladezz then offered to do it for her, which is what started the Tink using Bladezz saga.

Although she doesn't care about most things, Tink is always there when Codex is in boy trouble. She does whatever she can to talk Codex out of playing the game, and into going after the guy. She also worked as Codex's wing-woman at a party to try to hook her up with Wade. Tink, along with Clara, always dish on Codex's current love interest and all of his good and bad qualities.


Tink was first introduced when the guild was going on a raid. When the guild was all together, Tink said, "Great...can I fucking attack now!?" To which she was scolded by Vork because she always goes off and attacks before listening to the guild meetings.

Tink full

Tink as she appears in the opening

Tink was later seen in person when the group met up at Cheesy-Beards. She claimed that she wasn't going to go because she likes the guild as cartoon characters that make her feel accomplishment in a magical online world. However, she did end up going and waiting for them at the entrance. When they tried to speak to her, she said "I haven't decided if I'm going to talk to you yet. Shoo." The rest of the guild went to their table, but Zaboo tried to talk to her, which made Tink glare at him and say, "I mean it...shoo!" Later, Tink did decide to join them at their table. Codex tried to start a conversation about real life, but no one could say anything. The conversation then changed when Tink said, "An epic dagger dropped for me today." then everyone in the guild sat around her and asked her questions about it.

When Tink found out that Vork had transferred all of the guild gold to Bladezz, she tried to punish him in any way possible, such as letting him get killed by a mob, insulting him, and taking away a babysitting job from him. Eventually, she did forgive him when Bladezz returned all of the gold.

In the next season, Tink and Clara followed Codex's love life with Wade, supporting her efforts to get her off the computer and into Wade's arms. Tink told Codex, "Codex, sometimes getting laid is more important than killing an Orc King...go!" This might show that Tink thinks that sex is a normal thing in short-time relationships.

When Clara and Tink were at the party with Codex at the end of the second season, they posed as Codex's wing women and talked up Codex to Wade while she stood by, watching. Tink stepped towards Wade and said, "Let's cut to the chase...she's doable, right?" later, she said, "I'd do her..." then turned around and whispered at Codex, "Not really!"


Tink on webcam

Throughout the second season, she used Bladezz to do all of her bidding for her, including quests in the game, homework, and making him buy her expensive things like designer purses, flight vouchers, and hockey tickets. She continued to trick him by saying sweet things to him and insincerely thanking him for everything. Bladezz thought that he was going to be able to have sex with her after all this was done, but after he told her that he couldn't buy her any more things because he already maxed out his mom's credit cards, Tink told him to never message her again, and that she was through with him. She claimed that she had taught him a lesson so he would know the two types of girls in the world, the type that would give you everything, and the type that would take everything away. Angry, Bladezz got on Tink's laptop and deleted her character on the game. Later, Tink got on her laptop because the server went back up and tried to log in, but couldn't find her character. She tried reloading the screen but it still didn't show up. Vork told her that Bladezz was using her computer earlier, to which Tink looked at him and said, "What!?" She then realized that Bladezz had deleted her character out of anger. She started to cry, claiming that two years of gold, experience points, and her life were gone.

To get back at Bladezz, Tink joined the Axis of Anarchy, the rival guild to the Knights of Good. With her new guildies, she helped to take down the Knights of Good and embarrass them outside the game. Codex tried many times to get Tink to come back, but Tink kept telling her to move on as she was part of a new guild now.

Finally, the Knights of Good challenged the Axis of Anarchy to a battle to stop their evil actions against them. The fight finally boiled down to Codex, Fawkes, and Tink. Just as Tink was defeating Codex, the Axis of Anarchy members revealed that they'd actually been talking about her behind her back, calling her rude names, and think of her as a loser. As a result Tink decides to go back to the Knights of Good on the spot and lets Codex kill her so that it would be easier to win against the Axis of Anarchy. When the Knights of Good finally won, Tink agreed to go back to the Knights of Good.

Later, while the guild was trying to save up for a guild hall, Tink and Clara teamed up together and used feminine charm over other players to make them pay more for cheap items that they had created through magic. So far, they had the lead in earning the most money for the guild hall, which meant that they would be the ones that would decide how it was decorated. They chose a design much like the Candy Land boardgame, where everything is pink and filled with candy. Of course, Vork was against the idea. While Clara and Tink were working on the guild hall fundraising, they came up with an idea to make money in real life. Tink went over to Clara's house to brainstorm with her husband, and they ended up coming up with the idea to start a T-shirt business for pregnant female gamers, calling it "Pregamers." They even came up with a logo, an 8-bit baby with a machine gun. They planned to order about one hundred t-shirts for their buisness, but Clara messed up and ordered seven thousand. In an effort to get rid of all of the shirts, they gave them away in goodie bags, and all other forms they could think of. This is when Tink decided that Clara is not a good buisness partner.


Codex: Codex is Tink's best girl friend in the game. She always helps her with boy troubles and does whatever she can to hook her up. When Tink abandoned the Knights of Good and joined the Axis of Anarchy, Codex continually tried to get her to come back, but she kept telling her to move on. Finally, Tink came back and became friends with Codex again.

Bladezz: Bladezz is Tink's best friend/rival and somewhat of a love interest. They kill newbies together for fun and talk/make jokes more to each other than anyone else in the guild. In the second season, Bladezz continued to give Tink expensive things and do tasks for her, thinking that he would get to have sex with her, but when she told him that she was just using him, he deleted her character out of anger. After this, Tink left the guild and joined the Axis of Anarchy. When she returned to the Knights of Good at the end of season three, Bladezz and Tink went back to talking, but now Tink insults him a lot more.

Vork: When Tink found out that Vork had given all the guild gold to Bladezz, she did everything in her power to make his game life miserable, including insulting him, letting him get killed by a mob, and taking a babysitting job away from him. However, after the Bladezz issue was solved, she forgave Vork.

Clara: Tink, along with Clara, act as Codex's wing women and help her with boy troubles. They also talk her up for a cute boy. Tink, Clara, and Codex often go to a private channel to dish on boys.

Zaboo: Tink tries to convince Codex that using Zaboo is okay, but Zaboo knows nothing about this.

Game StatsEdit

Name: Tinkerballa

Class: Ranger

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Strength: 12

Agility: 12

Intelligence: 13

Charisma: 13

Stamina: 10

Strong vs: Savings accounts, Credit Cards

Weak vs: Friendship, Forever 21


  • Tink is the fourth most powerful character in the guild, and the third weakest behind Zaboo and in front of Codex.
  • Tink has an attraction to using the word "fuck."
  • Tink was one of the back-up dancers in the music video "Do You Want To Date My Avatar?" along with her own set of backup dancers.
  • In the music video "Game On!" Tink represented a Hindu goddess.
  • Tink is the only person in the guild with a ranged weapon.
  • When Tink quit the guild, she was replaced by Clara's husband.
  • Tink is the second youngest person in the guild, behind Zaboo and in front of Bladezz.
  • It can be assumed that Tink lives in a dorm room at her college.
  • Tink claims that she works as an assistant at a fashion agency to a high class designer. She says that she doesn't have the looks to fit in, but she'll do anything to make her dreams come true. Zaboo then pointed out that that was the plot to Ugly Betty, meaning that Tink might have just been lying.
  • The Tink One-Shot Comic gives a better Look at Tink's Background. (and If the Comic is Canon Her Real Name Is possibly revealed.